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Terra V — Speak Of Silence


RELEASE DATE: 2019-11-04
LABEL: Nahawand Recordings

There is one name that is heard everywhere now and that is Terra V. This machine of a producer who never fails to deliver on any tune has given the honor to Nahawand Recordings to release our third track called «Speak of Silence» Starting off by taking us to the origin of the labels imprint with sounds of exotic and pioneer expressions Terra V. knows how to do a track for any taste or emotion for every human being loving trance music. There is a soothing sensational touch to the breakdown which might not always be Terra’s most common way of producing since he is a very energetic producer. But the ability of adapting your style to fit a labels trademark is a true skill and this is what we hear in «Speak of Silence» Don’t think he won’t show off his intensity though cause build and main is out of this world with power and we are once again bewitched by Terra V and one of his massive tracks.


01. Terra V — Speak Of Silence 07:15
02. Terra V — Speak Of Silence (radio mix) 03:54





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