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Aldo Henrycho & Gabrielle Ag — Hope (Extended Mix)


RELEASE DATE: 2019-11-08
LABEL: Defcon Recordings

Our very own Aldo Henrycho is the man in charge of kicking off this new chapter in the Defcon Recordings history, teaming up with no other than Gabrielle AG, one of the most talented female producers from Mexico!

After being friends for more than 8 years they finally made track together, and it came in a moment in their lives where they really needed Hope… To overcome the hard times, to stay strong and to stand up against all odds… So that’s the story behind the name. The result? A blend of feelings from their hearts and souls, written down in a beautiful uplifting trance tune, one of the best we’ve released so far this year.


01. Aldo Henrycho & Gabrielle Ag — Hope (Extended Mix) 07:36






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